Andy Devine’s Words includes two alphabetical lists (words that should and should not be used), a grammar on fiction writing, nine alphabetical stories, and a 90K-word novel (condensed to twenty pages). Michael Kimball attempts to explain all of it in the afterword.

Andy Devine is “an invented genius … I am amazed to find myself joyful over the whole thing. … This feels like getting my brain rubbed right through the dura mater. … The book made me bizarrely happy.” – Dylan Landis

Devine’s story “As Day Same That the the Was Year” @ Chapbook Genius

“On Reading Andy Devine’s ‘Apartment City’ @ HTMLGiant

“Andy Devine’s WORDS is incomparable, utterly original, and a joy to experience. It is such a unique piece of art, that the first time you read it (and I imagine you’ll read it many times) it will shock your sensibilities in the same way as the first view of a Pollock might.” – Jessica Anya Blau

“I dare anyone to sit alone in a room and read this book aloud. It’s what I did, and I’m all the more damaged and alive because of it. The stuttering lucidity of Devine is perhaps too new and lasting for most, but Devine has arrived and his pages are here to stay. He is our first Neo-Phoenician. Each repeated sound desperately matters, as each returns from itself and boldly moves forth.” – David McLendon

“A fine example of avante-garde” – Thomas Baughman

Words is “an awe-expiring cognitive experience. It’s interactive and stimulating, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the infinite possibilities of language.” – Big Lucks