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I have an interview with Stephanie Barber up at The Faster Times. We talk about her show at the Baltimore Museum of Art, "Jhana and the Rats of James Olds or 31 Days/31 Videos," working under constraints, and how people approach art.

More interviews @ The Faster Times: Gary Lutz, Blake Butler, Laura van den Berg, Brian Evenson, Robert Lopez, Dylan Landis, Padgett Powell, Sam Lipsyte, Dawn Raffel, Kevin Sampsell, Gina Frangello, Evan Lavender-Smith, Ken Sparling, Matt Bell, Ingrid Burrington, Andy Devine, and Jessica Anya Blau, Deb Olin Unferth, Blake Butler, Justin Taylor, and Susan Henderson.

The Launch for the BMA's New Audio Tour: Friday, January 16th, 7-10pm

I'm reading a piece that I wrote about Dan Flavin's Untitled (To Barnett Newman for 'Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf') at the launch party for the BMA's new audio tour. This Acoustiguide is a great project that includes lots of wonderful writers (see list, below) and will be free to the public. Here's the museum's press release:

Beginning January 16, 2009, visitors to the BMA can experience a dynamic Acoustiguide audio tour of some of the most beloved and intriguing works in the Museum’s collection. Titled 60 Objects / Countless Stories, this innovative free tour offers an insider’s perspective on the works of art from the BMA’s expert curators, as well as art-inspired stories and poems by celebrated Baltimore writers, including David Simon, Laura Lippman, and Michael Kimball.

In addition to the personal take on objects from the Museum’s expert staff, the BMA invited 23 local writers to chose anobject and submit a piece of writing to be recorded. “There are tons of stories that surround and inform our understanding of objects,” said the project leader Anne Manning, Deputy Director for Education. From Laura Lippman’s musings on Edgar Degas’ Little Dancer, Aged Fourteen to Justin Sirois’ poem on Alberto Giacometti’s Man Pointing, the creativity of these writers adds another dimension to our appreciation of these works of art.

Laura Lippman • Jackie Regalas • Hank Lewis • Shirley Brewer• Elizabeth Spires • Ed Hodges • Stephanie Briggs • Joshua Weiner • Amy Siegel • Chezia Thompson Cager • Kevin Robinson • Michael Salcman • Claire Banks • Dan Fesperman • Barbara Diehl • Olu Butterfly Woods • Suki Kuss • Caleb Stine • Justin Sirois • Teri Taylor • Michael Kimball • Jennifer Carinci • Michael Salcman

Celebrate the connection between arts and letters with an evening of live readings from the authors featured in this dynamic new Acoustiguide audio tour. Meet the curators, conservators, and writers who contributed to the project, and enjoy an evening of curatorial talks, poetry readings, storytelling, music, and book signings.

FREE, open to the public
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