Jonathon Bender had something to say, but the world wouldn’t listen. That’s why he writes letters to everybody he has ever known—including his mother and father, his brother and other relatives, his childhood friends and neighbors, the Tooth Fairy, his classmates and teachers, his psychiatrists, his ex-girlfriends and his ex-wife, the state of Michigan, a television station, and a weather satellite. Taken together, these unsent letters tell the remarkable story of Jonathon’s life.

“Kimball creates a sort of curatorial masterpiece, finding the perfect spot for everything that a life comprises. … As Dear Everybody draws to a close, the letters and accompanying texts become progressively more intense and unexpected. … The final power of Dear Everybody is that the reader shares in the inevitably conflicted feelings of those closest to Jonathon.” — The Believer

“There is a whole life contained in this slim novel, a life as funny and warm and sad and heartbreaking as any other, rendered with honest complexity and freshness by Kimball’s sharp writing.” — Los Angeles Times

“In addition to writing stunning prose, Kimball evocatively hints at entire physical and emotional worlds lying just behind his story’s surface. In many cases, the author’s verbal compression both amplifies and dampens the tragic clamor of Jonathon’s letters … they harbor such a strange emotional power that you’ll find them hard to forget.” — Time Out New York

“I don’t always say this, so I hope you will indulge me: Read Dear Everybody. It is a work of literary inventiveness and great compassion.” — WETA’s The Book Studio

Dear Everybody is named one of the “25 Important Books of the 00s” at HTMLGIANT

Dear Everybody is on Flavorwire’s Ultimate Hipster Reading List

Dear Everybody is now available as an ebook.

Dear Everybody is one of the finest, most heartbreaking books I’ve ever read … Kimball writes his characters with a tenderness that moves me profoundly … The complexity in Dear Everybody builds subtly, but by the end of the book the immensity of the story that has been told is staggering.” –Roxane Gay, HTMLGIANT

The Guardian profiles Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard)

“elegantly and eloquently written … It’s an unforgettable book … I highly recommend it” — Anne Stinson, The Star-Democrat

“Kimball does a superb job. … The picture that is drawn, though, is unutterably sad. It’s a difficult read in places, but moving, more real and heartfelt than many stories where authors cover up their discomfort by giving their characters extravagant eccentricities.” — The Citizen

“Lightning has struck again with this Baltimorean’s book … Kimball’s protagonist possesses an emotional clarity that makes his eventual suicide all the more believable and tragic. … You feel his pain.” — John Lewis, Baltimore Magazine

An extended, collage-like interview with MK in Dogmatika

“In this intimate epistolary novel, a mentally ill weather man radiates crystalline awareness and luminous delusion while his family and others who knew him try to make sense of his tragic life. Both gloomy and amusing, Kimball’s flurry of short short stories remind us of the necessity of communicating and the daunting difficulty of truly connecting.” — Apostrophe Cast

“beautifully heartbreaking” — The Junction

“one of the hottest, most innovative books of the year” — HTMLGIANT

Dear Everybody is about a weatherman who commits suicide, and it is heart-achingly good.” — Hobart

Dear Everybody is a book both intricate and new, painful and engaging, tapping on the clearest rendering of what is human, on the importance of the rhythm of each word. Dear Everybody is so many things–a collage, a hypnosis, an invention, a thing of awe, perhaps a warning–a work of new that will no doubt linger in your mind and in your stomach and in your aging skin for quite some time.” — Blake Butler

Dear Everybody is a cleverly constructed book that balances pathos and humor exquisitely, and proves Michael Kimball to be a master storyteller.”

— Largehearted Boy

Dear Everybody is “inventive and often extremely funny, but it will also break your heart. Michael Kimball is one of the most talented and original writers in America today. You should read his books.” — The Greenpoint Gazette


Advance Praise for Dear Everybody

“In Bender’s unsent letters of apology or thanks, Michael Kimball transforms the familiar into the strange again and the simplest confessions are made moments of sublime wonder. Hold on to this book.”

Christine Schutt, author of All Souls

Dear Everybody has the page-turning urgency of a mystery and the thrilling formal inventiveness of the great epistolary novels. Jonathon Bender’s magical letters to the world that never wrote to him are at once whimsical, anguished, funny, utterly engaging and, finally, unforgettable.”

Maud Casey, author of Genealogy

“Michael Kimball’s wise-hearted epistolary portrait of an endearingly honest, suicidal depressive is by turns hilarious and haunting–and always thrillingly deep, surprising, and pitch-perfect. Dear Everybody confirms Kimball’s reputation as one of our most supremely gifted and virtuosic renderers of the human predicament. It’s as moving a novel as I have read in years.”

— Gary Lutz, author of Stories in the Worst Way