Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) started as a writing performance–with strangers lined up to share the intimate details of their lives while he wrote their biographies for them as they waited. In the end, more than 10,000 years of life was condensed into just over 300 postcard life stories. Besides the complicated and beautiful lives of so many people, there are postcard life stories for cats, dogs, a rooster, an apple, a bar of soap, a t-shirt, a chair, and a horse. There are life stories everywhere. Michael Kimball reminds us that it is so difficult to be alive and so wonderful too.

“Delightful” – NPR, All Things Considered

“Brief lives.” – The Guardian

“The scope of the thing is just kind of flabbergasting: Kimball as a filter for all these people’s years. I can’t imagine anyone else capable of such an undertaking.” – Blake Butler

“Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) began as a one-night-only performance. … But the idea was so good it lasted years.” – Htmlgiant

“A long-term project that precisely hits upon the redemptive power of the autobiographical in writing. … The thousands of years of lived experience pile up and overwhelm the reader.” – City Paper

“A Writer Who Can Fit Your Entire Life on a Postcard,” – NPR, All Things Considered

“Audacious” – Little Patuxent Review