Michael Kimball

"First, Camus showed us the human condition. Now Kimball has … with a fluid style and a dizzying empathy. Kimball is a great writer.”

-- El Mercurio (Chile)
“haunting and awesome … beautiful and intense, and the novel's clarity and insight makes the narration even more urgent. This is a novel from a great talent.”

-- El País (Spain)

"First, Camus showed us the human condition. Now Kimball has … with a fluid style and a dizzying empathy. Kimball is a great writer.”

-- El Mercurio (Chile)

“bathed in tenderness … touching and breathtaking … one of the most moving, heartbreaking, and sad novels of contemporary American fiction. It is essential.”

-- El Razón (México)

[Us] "is a must-read for anyone who has lost someone. … at once painful and comforting."

-- Globedia (Spain/Mexico)

“A monument to love”

-- El Placer de la Lectura (Spain)

“a spectacular novel”

-- ABC Cultural (Spain)

“a monument to tenderness and feeling, to the true and delicate though unbreakable love of an elderly couple”

-- La Voz de Galicia (Spain)

"[The Way the Family Got Away] is one of the best works that the States has produced in these last years."


"An absolutely unexpected novel, terrible and fascinating."

--Io Donna

"Kimball reveals himself as amazingly good in filtering the desolate landscape of America, halfway between the movies of David Lynch and The Grapes of Wrath. … he has a gifted vision … a hallucinatory power"

--Gazzetta Di Parma

"The child narrator’s metaphysical scream reverberates in the emptiness of history."


"A novel that is as disquieting as a Gothic Novel and at the same time unveils a powerful imagination."


"Michael Kimball is one of those hypnotic pied pipers who gets under the skin of the reader, taking him to a place in the soul from where it is impossible to escape until the spell is finished."


"Another author of this young cult is the American Michael Kimball … The Way the Family Got Away has the evocative powers of the [American] townscape and reminds one of the atmostphere of director’s such as David Lynch."

--La Republica

"The imaginative difficulties of writing about childhood using only the intellectual resources of childhood are extreme. … A moving, heartbreaking, visceral story that is never sentimental. … It is even more extraordinary the way this obsessive, repetitive death language—that is the true invention of this novel—makes the feeling and the sentiment of a child come alive. A profound emotion comes to life, an emotion of compassion."

--La Repubblica

"The Way the Family Got Away is a sophisticated American tale."

--Il Giorno

“so deathly sad that it hurts”


“A short book with a long echo.”


“It’s worth it to read this novel even if it isn’t easy to read … a remarkable literary debut.”

--Welt und Sonntag

“Kimball has written a book that is impressive in its radical use of language and thematics.”

--Berliner Morgenpost

“Like an amputated school essay, the children narrators explain how children are made, how the world is held together … despite the difficult theme and the unusual approach, the novel is amusing and intense and not at all childlike.”


“impressively unsentimental”

--Der Bund Bern

“Kimball’s pair of children narrators are precocious and skewed.”

--Heilbronner Stimme

“A virtuously constructed fictional language that captures the fantasies of the children narrators, their experiences, their fears.”

--Der Westfalischer Anzeiger